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Portland Square Building - Plymouth University
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  • Mark Niland

    Technical Lead,


From Camera to Device: Modern Video Delivery

This talk will look at the complexities of everyday video streaming that VUALTO face when working with Governments and multinational clients. It will also look at the challenges the team has faced in building a suite of tools to help make live and on-demand video easy and accessible plus highlight the ever-changing technological aspects of streaming.


Mark has over 20 years experience of leading teams both in the Military, Sporting and commercial sectors. He is currently a Technical Lead at VUALTO and has been architecting and implementing digital media solutions for over 6 years. VUALTO deliver online video streaming solutions for broadcasters, governments, telecoms and operators, Sports and OTT Service Providers. Clients include UK Parliament, National Assembly for Wales, European Parliament and the belgium national broadcaster VRT.

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Portland Square Building - Plymouth University

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16th April 2020, Plymouth University

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